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Boston is a wrap, and the OpenStack-Ansible (OSA) crew were there representing in force.

OpenStack-Ansible Deployments on Show

GE Keynote

The week started off, as usual, with keynotes. In particular, GE gave an impressive keynote about their usage of OpenStack in production. GE uses OpenStack-Ansible to deploy their production environment. Including my (easily) favourite quote of the week in their slide deck:

GE Slide

American Chemical Society (CAS)

CAS gave a "war stories" talk about getting to grips with OpenStack. They had some issues relating to Networking, Compute, and storage which they run through in the talk. What I loved was that this was another story of an OpenStack-Ansible deployment in production. CAS showcased the flexibility that OSA provides, allowing deployers and operators to overcome issues in their deployments in a managed and repeatable way.

It was really great to see large scale deployments of OpenStack-Ansible, in production, with happy operators and deployers.

OpenStack-Ansible Talks

There were several OpenStack-Ansible specific talks on show:

OpenStack-Ansible Project Onboarding

This was the first summit where project-specific onboarding had been available, and it was a great opportunity to meet some interested contributors and help to get them involved! We were fortunate to have one of these slots, and I'm glad we did - we had another full house, and we were able to cover a lot of topics and information all driven by what the people in the room wanted to learn about.

Onboarding Full House

You can view the etherpad we used to get new contributors more familiar with etherpad and to document and paste links to various topics as we discussed them.

Directly after the session, Chris made his first commit. Which is a great way to showcase the usefulness of the onboarding session. Congratulations Chris!

OpenStack-Ansible Operators Feedback

Operators feedback is really important to us as a deployment project. We had another great turnout, and a lot of really useful feedback.

Some of the key themes:

  • Offline installs, or installs via proxy hosts are hard.
    • Improvements to the documentation and process to achieve these scenarios was requested.
  • Trusty -> Xenial upgrades concerns.
    • We had already started an etherpad which covers this and can be added to. However, we will be looking into converting this into more official documentation.
  • Leapfrog upgrades.
  • Role integration for upstream roles.
    • Better documentation is required here.
  • Being able to utilize patch-sets from upstream patches.

More details can be found on the session etherpad.

I18n check-site

Working with the Horizon and I18n teams, a translations check-site is being setup utilizing OpenStack-Ansible to allow translators to run through translations throughout the cycle. This is a great showcase of the strength of the OpenStack community. A great deal of progress was made, and we're looking to have something up and running soon!

I18n check site


Another successful summit for OSA, with a lot of buzz and interest in the project. New contributors coming onboard and a lot of great hallway-track discussions. There are a few pointers and places that we can focus on, but overall a great deal of positive feedback - especially around our documentation, the hard work is paying off!